6/10/2017: Stanford Day at Terracotta Warriors (Seattle)

Saturday, June 10
10:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
Pacific Science Center
200 2nd Ave N, Seattle, WA 98109 (meet at the Main Entrance at 10 a.m.)

Price: $35 for Stanford Club of Washington or SAPAAC members; $40 for non-members; adults and children are same price.

Register online: http://alumni.stanford.edu/goto/event23973

Contact: Susan Hainze, MS ’84, at susan@hainze.com

Join Stanford Club of Washington (SCW) and Stanford Asian Pacific American Alumni Club (SAPAAC) for a historical tour of 2,200 years in the making discovering the terracotta warriors and the untouched tomb of the First Emperor. Start the day with a 45 min IMAX Documentary “Mysteries of China” capturing this great archaeological event in modern times and then tour the Exhibit with complete Audio guide. Our group rate is 25% less than regular rate and has limited space. Sign up now!

As one recent visitor said: "Just to confirm my enthusiasm as expressed to Susan, my wife Diane and I have both been to the actual site in Xi’an, which is huge and which conveys a sense of the enormous scale of that site.  The touring exhibit that is now in Seattle and that will only go to one other location in the U.S., Philadelphia, cannot match the size and scale of the original, but, instead, it gives you far more up-close and intimate time with individual statues and other artifacts that have been recovered.  You can stand just a couple of feet away from an individual archer, chariot driver, musician, official or general, which one usually can’t do in Xi’an.  Moreover, this exhibit shows the high degree of scientific knowledge that has been gained about how the individual statues were made and were painted by the thousands  Using the latest digital technology, one room includes a time-lapse simulation of a full color statue through its entire life cycle that is quite stunning.  If the actual site in Xi’an might be considered the “macro” view, this is a decidedly “micro” view."