SAPAAC Elections 2017


Candidates must hold a paid SAPAAC membership (you can join at and must be able to attend the first board meeting and one-day retreat in the Bay Area tentatively scheduled for the weekend of September 9 or 10, 2017. Attending this meeting in person is strongly preferred, but online arrangements can also be made if board members are abroad. *Just as a reminder, anyone who attended the Summit this year are also “paid” SAPAAC members and are thus eligible to run for the Board! We look forward to your applications!* In recent years, the board has had fewer local members, so applicants from the Bay Area are encouraged as the board operates primarily from this location!


Board members are expected to attend general board meetings that happen every 2 months as well as participate in at least one subcommittee, which meets between each meeting. Participation in multiple subcommittees is encouraged (and most of us do so!)

Applications are due July 22, 2017!

Name *
E.g. BA in Sociology, 2017
E.g. parent volunteer 3 hrs/wk, non-profit board 10 hours/quarter