Co-Host a SAPAAC Event

So you want to help co-host a SAPAAC event? Our National Events Coordination Council, composed of members of the SAPAAC Board, will work with you to plan a SAPAAC event, wherever you live!

Step 1.

Propose an Event

Have an idea for a SAPAAC event you want to host? Fill out the form to let our Board know you’re interested. We’ll contact you within a week to let you know if it’s a good fit for SAPAAC, and a Board Member will work with you to advance the event.

Step 2.

Prepare for the Event

Marketing & Outreach. The event will be posted on SAPAAC’s Events listings. You can share the link with friends and fellow alumni! Please be sure to follow up on Marketing & Outreach in the SAPAAC guide for event prep! You are welcome to post reminders on the SAPAAC Community Facebook group.

Financial. If the event is fully self-funded, you’re good to go. If the event will need SAPAAC funds in advance, please fill out the financial questionnaire. In both situations, SAPAAC’s treasurer will track the financial outcome after the event.

Be sure to read the SAPAAC guide for event prep!

Step 3.

Host the Event

Double check that you have your registration list and other materials before you leave your house! Read the SAPAAC guide for event prep for more details.

Check in: Please ask everyone to sign in, including year of graduation and degree. Don’t forget to collect the registration list (or take a photo of it) at the end of the event.

SAPAAC Welcome: A SAPAAC board member or regional rep will briefly describe SAPAAC and invite everyone to join.

(Within 24 hours of the event)
Event Summary: Provide a brief description, photos and updated attendance list.

You are welcome to post on the SAPAAC Community Facebook group.

Look for an event summary + photos on Facebook and SAPAAC newsletter.

Fill out the reimbursement form if any reimbursements are needed.

Step 4.

After the Event