Keep Martial Arts Groups at Stanford

We have heard from concerned Stanford alumni and students that martial arts groups at the university have been suspended, and could potentially be closed for good. (Read more here.) We recognize the role that martial arts groups have played in terms of physical and mental health, providing a community for students and alumni, and—particularly for the Asian, Asian American and Pacific Islander communities—a source of cultural representation.

The SAPAAC Board are gathering more information about this situation by reaching out to martial arts group leaders and administrators, and will keep the SAPAAC community updated. Follow the story on this page.

How can I help?

Share your story about martial arts at Stanford
Were you a member of a martial arts group while at Stanford? SAPAAC wants to know your story! Please share with us what martial arts meant to you as a person of Asian American or Pacific Islander descent. (Click here) SAPAAC will collect these stories—and photos if you have them!

Write to the administration
Alumni are writing to express their views to the Vice Provost of Student Affairs, Susie Brubaker-Cole ( and CC-ed the VP of Alumni Affairs, Howard Wolf (

News and Updates

Stanford University Reportedly Bans All Martial Arts Groups Without Warning Over Email (Source: NextShark, an Asian American issues publication)

Susie Brubaker-Cole Issues a Reply
(Read here)

Alumni can continue to give feedback here: